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A stylish new innovation for keeping your bathing and showering area clean and clutter free. The Bath Screen PrO™ is a combined storage solution and bath screen! With a choice of Bath Screen PrO™ glass options to suit various bath shapes, it is simple to install, easy to clean and will subtly enhance any bathroom.

Clean and Tidy Shower Storage

Discreet Storage

No more soaps, shampoos & shower gels, cluttered around the edge of your bath or shower.

Bath Screen Pro Top Fitting

Easy Fixings

No more drilling through your beautiful bathroom tiles to hang wire baskets and no more rust!

Easy To Fix Bath Screen

Easy Reach

All the accessories you need whilst having a shower or bath are can be easy to hand and easily tidied away.

Information For Retailers & Consumers

Bath Screen PrO™ is available to suit the majority of bath design options. Please check before purchasing.

Installation & Fitting

How to use Bath Screen PrO™’ Video – watch this video to see how the product works and how easy it is to install

Bath Screen PrO in your Home

How to use Bath Screen PrO™’ Video – watch this video to see how the product works and how easy it is to operate.

Technical Specifications




We are a new company with a new brand but have joined together bath screen manufacturing, design and operations expertise to create the first of many products that will provide unique features for every bathroom. The concept for the Bath Screen PrO originated in the UK, designs were created and tested, then the best components have been sourced from overseas and the UK to be assembled in the UK and supplied via bathroom specialists. The product has been patented to ensure full protection for what is a key requirement for any bathroom – storage.

The Market

The bathroom market has seen a major desire by many companies to be looking for cost effective and competitive product from the East. Yet, our belief is that there are many other product sourcing opportunities if only we decided to create product with added value to consumers whilst retaining competitiveness.

The Concept

The original concept was the brain child of a well known and successful ideas creator in our industry, with over 30 years experience in design and engineering. Bath Screen PrO is the first of several products that will address the need for storage within the bathing and showering area to coordinate with our desire for clean and aesthetic lines in our bathrooms.

Our Experience

With over 20 years experience in the bathroom products market, operating within manufacturing and distribution businesses, in fields such as Export Sales, Product Sourcing, Procurement and Operations, the desire to develop a truly innovative, unique and problem solving product has been a key objective for us