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With a choice of screen profiles to suit various bath shapes, it is simple to install, easy to clean and will subtly enhance any bathroom.

SHower Screen closed with towel rail

Curved Shower Bath

Curved bathscreen P Shaped Bath

Curved Shower Bath

Straight Bath Shower Screen

Straight with Square Top

Square bathscreen P Shaped Bath

L Shape Shower Bath Towel Rail

Square bathscreen P Shaped Bath

L Shape Shower Bath Towel Rail

Straight Screen Closed

Straight with Square Top

Folding shower & bath Screen

Folding Screen

Folding shower & bath Screen

Folding Screen

t Shower Screen Curved Top

Straight with Radius Top

Deflector Screen & Shower Curtain

Deflector Screen

Deflector Screen & Shower Curtain

Deflector Screen

Bathroom Storage

Shelf Detail

Finished in White or Chrome Effect

The Bath Screen PrO™ is available in a polished aluminium profile finish, the most popular finish in the UK bathroom market for bath screens. In addition though, it is available with a powder coated white finish for a clean look. Both options use the chrome plated base and top moulding caps to create a stylish finish.

Quick and Simple Installation

Arrives pre-assembled for quick and simple installation. The Bath Screen PrO™ truly is a fast and easy to install product. It is supplied pre-assembled therefore meaning it can be installed easily by a DIY enthusiast as well as a competent bathroom products installer. No need to have to navigate your way through a complex construction exercise!

White Door

The white door cover co-ordinates with the bath and makes a simple style statement. The door cover is manufactured using a gel coated resin product in the UK. It is very robust and the white colour matches the material and colour used in many baths, bath panels and shower trays. It uses a very discreet finger hole to be used for opening and closing the product. The doors hinges on a simple but effective stainless steel pivot pin system.

Magnetic Closing

Neodymium magnets are placed on the inside of the aluminium profile and combine with the Samarium Cobalt magnets that are recessed discreetly in the top and base of the door. Samarium Cobalt ensures the product does not rust whilst being used in a bathroom environment. The magnets create a simple pull that keeps the door in position when closed and is easy to operate.

Easy To Clean

Easy to clean inside and out, with removable shelves. Each shelf is quickly and easily removed and the aluminium profile has no hidden corners – meaning it is simple to clean down and keep looking like new. The shelves can be then easily rinsed in soap and water as they are manufactured from Perspex, the same material acrylic baths are made of!

Easy To Reach

Stores shower essentials at an easy-to-reach level. The vertical storage means there are options on the products you can choose to place on each shelf. For smaller or younger users, products can be positioned at an appropriate height for use. For taller, older or physically less able people it means there is a reduced need to be bending down or reaching up for products, thus making the showering experience more comfortable.

Easy to Clean Glass

Shower Bath Screen glass has a special coating on the inside to ensure that residue can be easily removed, therefore improving the hygiene of the bathroom. The coating is designed to be cleaned without aggressive bathroom cleaning products and so is helpful to the environment.

Minimalist Design

Sleek minimalist design to discreetly blend in. With your bathing and showering products placed on the shelves inside the storage unit, behind the discreet aluminium profile, your bathroom can have the clean, minimalistic look you envisioned.

Flexible Storage

Holds a variety of bottle sizes including a shelf with a cut-out for razors. Designed to suit most showering products sizes, the shelves can generally hold one or two bottles easily. In addition, one shelf comes with a pre-cut slot designed for a razor to be easily stored and be ready to use.

Perspex Shelves

Perspex material is used for the shelves. Manufactured in the UK and a product synonymous with bathrooms, it is guaranteed for 25 years! It is easy to use and clean as well as being very robust.

Safety Glass

Shower bath screen uses 5mm thick safety glass. All the glass used in the Bath Screen PrO™ product is manufactured to EN12150 which provides assurance of quality and performance.

Towel Rail

Metal towel rail on all Bath Screen PrO™ products. Manufactured from a metal alloy and polished to provide a superior finish, this useful and robust accessory means your bathroom towel is within easy reach.

Patented Design

Patented design manufactured to high-precision standards. Patented in the UK and Europe by one of the UK’s most experienced bathroom products creative thinkers, the Bath Screen PrO™ truly is an innovative yet simple new product idea and solution.


Aluminium is used for the construction of the Bath Screen PrO™. Aluminium is ideal for the bathroom as it is strong, it doesn’t rust and can have several effective surface finishes.


The warranty is against manufacturing defects only. All products must be checked at the time of delivery to ensure that they are received in good order and condition. The warranty does not cover products that have been damaged by misuse, accident or neglect. The warranty does not cover the cost of removal or installation. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The use of certain cleaning products will void the warranty. The products must be installed in line with the installation instructions and maintained in line with the guidelines instructions.