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With a choice of screen profiles to suit various bath shapes, it is simple to install, easy to clean and will subtly enhance any bathroom.

Sq bathscreen closed

What To Look For

Just check that the corner of the bath where the Bath Screen PrO™ is to be positioned does not have a raised profile that would interfere with the door opening and that the area in the corner can covered by the footprint of the product. The technical drawings will help you confirm these points.

Straight Bath Shower Screen

Rectangular Baths

It is available to suit rectangular baths – the screen for these can either be straight with a square glass profile, straight with a radius top profile or a two panel screen.

SHower Screen closed with towel rail

Shower Baths

It is also available to suit the shower bath designs that are growing in popularity as people combine bathing and showering – the screens for these can either be L Shaped (to suit for example the Trojan Baths Solarna and Elite models) or P Shaped (to suit for example the Trojan Baths Voltera and Concert designs). For any other models, please ensure you check the dimensions before purchasing the Bath Screen PrO to ensure that they will be compatible.

Material specifications:

  • Glass: EN1215
  • Aluminium: 6463
  • Shelves: 3.2mm Perspex sheet
  • Door: Gelcoated resin
  • Mouldings: Chrome plated ABS
  • Magnets: Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt

Information Enclosed

  • Dimension Drawings (see links above)
  • Installation Instructions (see links above)
  • Spare Parts Drawings (coming soon)
curved, straight and l shaped plus folding and deflector screen